The Fairy Tale Brides of Britain

                                                      Sarah, Duchess Of York             



HRH Andrew Albert Christian Edward Mountbatten-Windsor, Duke Of York, Earl Of Inverness, Baron Of Kilyleagh

Born: 19 February 1960

Ascent To Dukedom: 23 July 1986

Engagement: 15 March 1986 to


Miss Sarah Margret Ferguson


Born: 24 October 1959 to Major Ronald Ferguson and The Honorable Mrs. Susan Barrantes

MARRIED: 23 July 1986 at Westminster Abbey, London

Separation: 19 March 1992
Divorce: 20 April 1994


Andrew and Sarah had known one another since childhood, Sarah's father having been, at one time or another, Prince Philip and Prince Charles' polo manager.


Andrew and Sarah really became closer when her good friend, Princess Diana, invited Sarah to the Royal Box at Ascot. There she sat with Prince Andrew and it is well known that he tried to force feed her chocolate profiteroles (cream puffs), to tease her since she was meant to be on a diet. After that they dated regularly. Sarah even visited him on his ship, as he was in the Navy. Eventually he got down on one knee and proposed, and married Sarah at Westminster Abbey.


The couple appeared to have a happy marriage, presenting a united outward appearance through the late 1980s; However, the Duke of York's frequent travel due to his military career, as well as relentless, often critical, media attention focused on Sarah, led to fractures in the marriage. The couple announced plans to separate, and did so in an amicable way.


Some months later, pictures appeared in the tabloid media of Sarah having her toes sucked by her then financial advisor, John Bryan, which effectively ended any hopes of a reconciliation between the Duke and Duchess. Thereafter, the marriage was ended in divorc