The Fairy Tale Brides of Britain

HRH Queen Mary

George Frederick Ernest Albert Windsor, Prince Of Wales, Duke of Corwall, Duke of Rothsay, Count of Chester, Count of Carick, Baron of Renfrew, Great Steward of Scotland, Lord of the Isles

Born: 3 JUN 1865, Marlborough House, London, England
Baptized: 7 JUL 1865, St.George's Chapel, Windor Castle, England
Acceded: 22 JUN 1911, Westminster Abbey, London, England
Died: 20 JAN 1936, Sandringham House, Norfolk, England
Interred: 28 JAN 1936, St.George's Chapel, Windor Castle, England

Victoria Mary Augusta Louise Olga Pauline Claudine Agnes, Princess of Teck, Princess of Cambridge

Born: 26 MAY 1867, Kensington Palace,London,England
Baptized: 27 JUL 1867, Chapel Royal,Kensington Palace,London
Acceded: 22 JUN 1911, Westminster Abbey, London, England
Died: 24 MAR 1953, Marlborough House,London,England
Interred: 31 MAR 1953, St.George's Chapel,Windor Castle,England

Married: 6 JUL 1893, Chapel Royal, St.James Palace, England

Princess Mary or "May", was the daughter of Prince Francis, Duke of Teck and  Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge. Princess May's grandfather was Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge, whom was a brother of Prince Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent, the father of Queen Victoria

As a young man destined to serve in the navy, Prince George served for many years under the command of his uncle, Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, who was stationed in Malta. There, he grew close to and fell in love with his uncle's daughter, his first cousin, Lady Marie of Edinburgh. His grandmother, father and uncle all approved the match, but the mothers, the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Edinburgh both opposed it. The Princess of Wales thought the family was too pro-German, and the Duchess of Edinburgh disliked England. Marie's mother was the only daughter of the Tsar of Russia. She resented the fact that, as the wife of a younger son of the British sovereign, she had to yield precedence to George's mother, the Princess of Wales, whose father had been a minor German prince before being called unexpectedly to the throne of Denmark. Guided by her mother, Marie refused George when he proposed to her. She later became Queen of Romania.

In the meantime, Princess May was chosen as a bride for Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale, the eldest son of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales and Princess Alexandra of Denmark and second in line to the British throne. Albert Victor was Princess May's second cousin once removed. Queen Victoria influenced her grandson's choice of bride for she had grown fond of her young god-daughter and admired her sense of duty. It was thought that Mary, a sensible girl, would be a steadying influence on Eddy. Princess May accepted Prince Albert Victor's proposal, and the date of their wedding was fixed for 27th February, 1892. Just over a month before the event, Eddy came down with influenza at Sandringham, which rapidly turned to pneumonia. He died on 14th January, 1892, at 28 years old. Prince Albert Victor was buried in the Albert Memorial Chapel close to St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. The despondent Princess May laid her intended bridal wreath of orange blossom upon the coffin.

Prince George of Wales, the Prince of Wales second son and now created Duke of York, as well as inheriting his brother's place in the succession, took an interest in his brother's "widowed" fiance and Queen Victoria still favored Princess May as a suitable candidate to marry a future King. To the delight of her mother, Mary Adelaide, and with a little encouragement from Queen Victoria, Prince George himself proposed to Princess May of Teck in May 1893, after a suitable period of mourning. Their marriage took place on 6 July 1893 at the Chapel Royal, St. James's Palace, in London. The couple moved into the cramped York Cottage on the Sandringham Estate. Although both shy and reserved by character, they were to become deeply attached to each other, May providing the sometimes gruff and difficult Prince George with a great deal of support in his new position.

Her Bridesmaids (Listed with future titles):

Princess Victoria of Wales

Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria, Queen of Norway, Princess of Connaught

Margaret Victoria Charlotte Augusta Norah, Queen Of Sweden, Duchess of Scania

Victoria Eugenie Julia Ena, Queen of Spain, Princess Of Battenberg

Victoria Alice Elizabeth Julia Marie, Princess of Greece and Denmark, Princess of Battenberg,

Princess Victoria Melita, Grand Duchess of Hesse and By Rhine

Princess Alexandra of Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg

Princess Helena Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein Sonderburg-Augustenburg, Princess of Connaught 

Lady Victoria Patricia Helena Elizabeth, Princess of Connaught and Strathearn, Lady Ramsay

Despite its being an arranged marriage, May and George soon were deeply in love. George never took a mistress and wrote to May every day. They became Duke and Duchess of York and lived on the Sandringham Estate, in Norfolk.  They had 6 children Edward, Albert, Mary, Henry, George and John. The youngest Prince John suffered from epilepsy and died aged 13.