The Fairy Tale Brides of Britain

HRH Anne, Princess Royal

HRH Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise Windsor, Princess Royal 

Born: 15 August 1950
Christened: 21 October 1950
Ascent: 6 February 1952

Lieutenant Mark Andrew Philips, Lieutenant Of the 1st Queen's Dragoon Guards at Westminster Abbey, London

 Born: 22 September 1948 

Marriage: 17 November 1973
Divorce: 31 August 1991

Anne's first boyfriend was Andrew Parker Bowles. Without her removal from the line of succession, it was not possible to marry him, because he was a Roman Catholic. Andrew knew Camilla Shand, (Prince Charles' mistress and the third person in his marriage to Princess Diana) well from days that he and Princess Anne had spent with she and Prince Charles. When Prince Charles went away to the Navy, Andrew courted Camilla and eventually married her.

In 1972, Lieutenant Mark Philips was a member of the British three-day event team, which won the gold medal at the Munich Olympics. It was through his equestrian activities that he met Princess Anne.

On 14 November 1973, Princess Anne married Mark Philips then a Lieutenant in the 1st Queen's Dragoon Guards, at Westminster Abbey in a ceremony that was televised around the world, with an estimated audience of 100 million. Her attendants were Lady Sarah Armstrong Jones and Prince Edward. It was believed that the Queen had offered Phillips an earldom on his wedding day, as was customary for untitled men marrying into the Royal Family. However, the offer was turned down, perhaps at the behest of Anne, who wanted to shield her future children from the publicity that titles might bring.

The marriage was only shortly considered happy and had been under strain for some time before they eventually separated and divorced.